The HAPPY CAT NEO is the perfect uncompromising boat for everyone who values the smallest possible packing size and the lightest weight when sailing, but also does not want to make any compromises.

Also ideal for solo sailors, 3 adults + 1 child, for young people and, in particular, anyone travelling with a camper/trailer.

Ideal for learning how to sail.

The HAPPY CAT NEO is ready to sail in 20-30 minutes from the car boat to the water.

Made of the highest quality down to the last detail.

€ 5.600,- Order

Incl. 3-parts packing bags

Due to continuous inquiries for a particularly light and easy-to-handle catamaran, in 2012 the HAPPY CAT ULTRALIGHT came onto the market. Because it clearly met all the requirements – specifically ultralight
and the smallest packing dimensions – it had a perfect response from sailors who were looking for these features. The ULTRALIGHT became particularly popular among recreational vehicle drivers who both appreciate the small packing dimensions and the minimal weight and still do not want to do without a sporty, zippy catamaran.

According to the sensational success of the HAPPY CAT EVOLUTION 2015, everyone started asking if there would be an ULTRALIGHT successor model with the sensational weight and packing space as the ULTRALIGHT but also with the innovative equipment details of the EVOLUTION. So the task was to design a boat like the HAPPY CAT EVOLUTION but one which is 20 kg lighter.

By adjusting the boats and the sail size, developing a new, lighter frame and mast profile as well as the more delicate fittings, this goal was absolutely achieved. Of course, the look was also a great success.

The new NEO has the same design as its big brother, the EVOLUTION.

Ideal for learning how to sail.
Even easier to drive on a hull.

HAPPY CAT NEO = HAPPY CAT EVOLUTION but which is app. 20 kg lighter and but also with the innovative equipment details of the EVOLUTION.

The differences are only the following:

  • Weight: almost 20 kg less
  • Packing size: 25 % less
  • Sail area: 9 instead of 11.5 m2
  • Motor capacity: 3 instead of 6 HP
  • Wind intensity: 4 instead of 5 Bft
  • Equipment: very slightly less
  • Price: € 1,100.00 cheaper

The HAPPY CAT NEO has some special advantages due to these differences:

Even easier to drive on a hull.

Easy to set back upright after capsizing.

Ideal for learning how to sail - especially for children.


The choice of the NEO is clear, if:

  • The smallest packing size is required.
  • The most minimal weight is required.
  • When you sail mainly alone or in a pair.
  • Somewhat less packing space suffices.
  • Not necessarily sailed with strong wind.
  • No gennaker is used.
  • € 1,100.00 more affordable is a criterion

With these clear statements, it is not difficult to decide between NEO and EVO.


Transport in the car
Transport in the caravan
Fast assembly

To travel and be mobile is the desire of our generation. The same goes for sailing.

To get to know new areas and discover new sailing areas.

This is possible any time using a car, caravan or by public transport.

And the HAPPY CAT NEO is always with you. No other boat has so many benefits:

Thanks to the small packaging volume, storage at home is really simple, because there is easily enough space for a HAPPY CAT in the cellar or attic.

The low weight makes the carrying on land by 2 persons very easy.

The transport is carried out in 2 or 3 bags.

The dismantled catamaran can also be transported in a 60 cm transport box on the car rack. (observe car regulations).

With a bit of exercise, the installation can be completed in about 20  minutes and the  dismantling in about 10 minutes. (observe installation instructions).


High-tech frame and rig

All special frame and rig sections consist of a high strength aluminium alloy and are anodized to be seawater resistant.

The centreboard,helm and fittings are made of high quality stainless steel and are stained to prevent aggressive saltwater corrosion.


3-layer boat skin

The floats are made of 3-layer EPDM / natural rubber boat skin that has been tried and tested 100,000 times.

This guarantees optimum airtightness, top fire resistance and a long life cycle.


Thanks to the high operating pressure (0.3 bar), the floats are given maximum stability.

This significantly improves the solidity of the longitudinal direction wand torsion and makes it easier to stray the course.


In addition to the 7-years boat skin warranty, there is also a 2-year total warranty on the entire boat (the requirement is that the warranty provisions are observed).


A HAPPY CAT cannot be beaten when it comes to sustainability. If looked after correctly, the boat will last for years. At the end of its lifecycle, all components can be recycled and the environmentally friendly rubber material used
to generate long-distance heat.

The construction of the HAPPY CAT NEO conforms to ISO 6185 category VI governing manufacture according to EU regulations.

Approval to category C permits the use on large lakes, coastal waters, wind force to Beaufort 6 and respective waves.

The boat is supplied with the declaration of conformity as per EU regulation 2013/53/EU. That dispenses with complicated procedures regarding individual approval for the use of an engine.

To prevent the copying of an expenditureously developed product is the HAPPY CAT NEO "Community trade mark"saved.

Protected by:

Saved: nr.: 002886614-0001

History of the HAPPY -CAT goes back to the 50s of the last century.

In those days GRABNERs predecessors, the SEMPERIT company already marketed sailing catamarans with good performance properties and suitable for flat-pack transport  - More than 60 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE + SUCCESS.